About us

About us

Who we are

Active Citizens Partnership is non-for profit organization operating in Greece since 2009, committed to support the inclusion of all people by empowering and equipping them with the skills and competences they need to realize their potential  and their inclusion on all levels ,social, political and economic.

Through research, training, tools development, empowering and knowledge sharing we work to achieve systemic changes and provide opportunities for individuals and society.

Our expertise includes social inclusion, employability, digital skills and competence development, human rights protection, gender equality, social entrepreneurship, technology enhanced learning, innovation development, adult and vocational training and social policy issues.

Active Citizens Partnership had been certified for its Managerial Capability System. Our Managerial Capability System was designed and implemented to meet the requirements of Hellenic Standard ELOT 1429:2008 for the company to prove its ability in implementing projects of public interest (technical projects, studies, procurements, and services) and to constantly improve its effectiveness along the operation and monitoring of its actions and procedures.

Active Citizens Partnership is based on Sapes at the region of East Macedonia and Thrace and implements programs throughout Greece. We have also a registered office in Athens.


The areas of our expertise are:

Our team

  • Administrative staff

    Administrative staff

  • Sociologists, Psychologists and Human Scientists

    Sociologists, Psychologists and Human Scientists

  • Trainers


  • Experts on Technology Enhanced Learning

    Experts on Technology Enhanced Learning

  • Project and Finance Managers

    Project and Finance Managers

  • IT experts

    IT experts