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AI Pioneers, is an Erasmus+ Forward Looking,  cross-sectoral project aims at promoting the use and teaching of artificial intelligence (AI) in adult education and vocational training (VET). UNESCO recognizes the potential of AI to accelerate the achievement of global education goals by reducing barriers to learning access, automating management processes, and optimizing methods to improve learning outcomes. The European Digital Action Plan highlights that digital technology, when used effectively, can support high-quality and inclusive education for all learners.

The project aims to explore, promote and evaluate the use of AI for Adult Education and Vocational education and training, both the use for teaching and training and the curriculum needs of working with AI. The project also aims to support the development of new initiatives and projects using AI as a necessary step towards the mainstreaming of AI n education in Europe.

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Start: December 2022

Duration: 36 Months


Funding: Erasmus+ Forward Looking Projects


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