The Project

  All inclusive – adult education and inclusion: new cooperative approaches – ALL IN

This project initially targets the group of people with disabilities, i.e. all those who are prevented from attending courses at adult education centres, training institutions, academies, etc. due to physical or mental, intellectual impairments. This means that e.g. courses can be attended by visually, hearing or mobility impaired (e.g. by using appropriate aids or interpreters), or that courses are designed in such a way that they can be used equally by everyone (e.g. in the area of creativity), or that courses are developed especially aimed at people with disabilities (e.g. in basic education).

Adult education is a public task and should therefore be accessible to all groups. In this sense, the project serves the overarching goal of social participation and basically includes all people who have difficulties in attending courses due to different barriers. This also affects people on the margins of society, the poor, single parents, migrants, and refugees with no language skills, etc. This initiative also takes this into account. The project – and hence the acronym ALL IN – is intended to contribute to bringing this ideal of non-discriminatory adult education closer: everyone should be included!


  1. Analysis tool: opportunities and barriers for inclusive local adult education (a guide to identifying the local conditions and needs and the needs of the own institution as well as to plan inclusive services in a target-oriented way)
  2. Transfer model inclusion (documentation of the results and experiences from the five model institutions with recommendations for their own implementation)
  3. Guideline inclusion management (recommendations for the management of adult education institutions)
  4. Learning tools enabling participation (modules for the further training of adult educators)
  5. Policy Paper: Inclusion now! (Political demands for inclusion in adult education)

Partners :

  • Katholische Erwachsenenbildung Deutschland -Bundesarbeitsgemeinschaft e.V (Germany)
  • Active Citizens Partnership (Greece)
  • European Association for the Education of Adults (Belgium)
  • Izobrazevalni center Geoss d.o.o (Slovenia)
  • biv – die Akademie für integrative Bildung (Austria)
  • KatHaz Kozhasznu Nonprofit Kft. (Hungary)

Other information

Start: September 2020

Duration : 36 Months


Funding : Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership for adult education



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