The Project

Eco-Literacy and Green Education for Climate Action (ECOLitAct)

The project’s main motivation arises from the need to improve media and information literacy (MIL) and behaviors/attitudes
in relation to environmentalism and climate change, especially to people with fewer opportunities, and in a self-paced,
adaptable format. It is based on the perception that education and training as well as reflectivity are key to counter climate
denial, and that both climate denial and unsustainable behaviors and attitudes are closely linked to difficulties to identify
and access easily understandable and trustworthy information.

Climate denial comes in many forms today, including those who reject the scientific consensus that climate change is real
and driven by manmade activities, and those who accept that, but reject the idea that we can do something to mitigate and
adapt to it.

The problem is that oftentimes people are bombarded with news and thus quickly go through posts and links without fact-checking
or thinking twice about that information. This in turn makes it harder for people to consume credible data and,
especially in the case of news related to climate change, it influences public opinion in a way that may delay urgent action to
be taken. That is why it is increasingly important to promote media literacy (our capacity to access, critically regard, and
interact with media) in topics related to climate change. Likewise, in a time when migration is widespread and each
individual action counts, it has never been so important to make information regarding environmental matters accessible to
all, such as how to recycle properly in each country and what you can do as a citizen to behave more eco-friendly.

  • ECOLitAct seeks to empower VET practitioners/educators and learners to counter misinformation related to the environment
    and climate change, and to inspire them to adopt eco-friendly behaviors/attitudes. It seeks to develop digital Green
    education/training opportunities and material embracing “eco-literacy” (MIL applied to ecology and climate change) and that
    focus on behavioral/attitude shifts while being available to all, especially to individuals with fewer opportunities and in a
    digital format.
  • The project will support climate action by inspiring critical thinking, developing digital and MIL skills, and encouraging
    attitude/behavioral shifts. It will do so by creating learning material compiled in a Toolkit and Handbook reviewed/tested
    with 75 practitioners/educators in total. It will make this learning opportunity available to all in a self-paced and individualized
    manner through an educational structure based on a self-assessment tool which will guide each person’s learning pathway.

Partnership :

  • SwIdeas (Sweden -Coordinator)
  • Iberika Education Group (Germany)
  • Active Citizens Partnership (Greece)
  • European Grants International Academy (Italy)
  • Andragoski zavod Ljudska univerza Velenje (Slovenia)

Other information

Start: December 2022

Duration: 30 Months


Funding: Erasmus+ KA220-VET – Cooperation partnerships in vocational education and training


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