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Freedom to Learn on the Road – Learning Ourselves while Exploring the World (FLOW)

We are in constant movement. So is the world, and indeed, so is our knowledge about ourselves and the world. This is why we think it is crucial to prepare the new generation for a life where traveling is not only a means of transportation but a way of being, a way of learning. To prepare them for a life where it is acknowledged that being on the road (taken this expression from Jack Kerouac) does not only lead to new places in the world, but it also leads to new places in ourselves. Where being open to otherness comes naturally, regardless if we find the otherness in cultures, worldviews, habits, rituals, genders, religions, or in ourselves. Where the belief is humanistic, and where we can feel at home wherever we find human relationships. Where we can allow ourselves to change while keeping our integrity. We put traveling in the focus. Already the moment when we leave our home for some other places contains EQ elements.

We plan to develop four intellectual outputs in the project, which are the following:
– a Complex Curriculum
– a Methodology Handbook for educators
– a Training Plan for educators.
– an online learning environment for teenagers for developing social and communication competencies in gamified ways via videos, tests, and online games


Partners :

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Start: November 2020

Duration : 26 Months


Funding : Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership for adult education



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