The Project

The project mainly focuses on raising awareness of the need to reflect on advantages of digital pedagogy in classes. Further, it emphasizes the need to visualize existing digital gaps in educators’ competences. The project focuses on the development of educators’ digital competences to utilize innovative digital trainings in their language classes.

The project’s objective is to support the professional development of trainers and educators to expand and develop their digital skills for teaching. Furthermore, it aims to promote the digital competence frameworks published by the Commission and the informally acquired, yet accredited, skills amongst trainers. And last but not least, the project improves the quality of future learning opportunities in our educational system with special regards to language teachings for migrants.

The European Commission maintains that the first key factor that contributes to an improved education is the quality of teachers and of teaching. Teachers play a central role in the process of imparting skills, competences and knowledge. The better the teacher, the better the outcome. Educators and trainers are facing new challenges every day in their classes. Innovation and digital technologies are some of the barriers they encounter. The European Commission defines innovative technologies as new and creative possibilities for teaching and learning approaches. Nevertheless, Europe is lagging behind in making use of these new technologies. This is greatly due to the low number of teachers, trainers and educators in Europe with funded digital competences.

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Start: October 2019

Duration : 24 Months


Funding : Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership for adult education

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