The Project

The project objective is to make a meaningful contribution to reducing social isolation, gaps in inter-cultural knowledge of the migrant / refugee and the host country public services and language communication barriers.

The project objective is to make a significant contribution to the society led response to addressing the needs of migrants / refugees and creatively using technology to enact strategies to reduce the language and cultural barriers faced.


  • Local events: the project foresees two partner events to promote their activities through invitations to events, presentations to other networking events of local communities;
  • All partners will test the methods presented during the training, modifying them and developing them according to the specific needs / constraints of their target groups (local pilot laboratories);
  • Two training courses for staff and interpreters / cultural mediators to test the on-line platform.


  • Implementation of a web portal to improve the educational offer for students in the field of cultural interpretation and mediation. This innovative product will have content, relevant video and a voice repository as training material to enable students to practice speaking and pronunciation with their students in other partner countries;
  • Twelve promotional events (two per partner);
  • Creation of six innovative products including web portal, on-line educational material, video and voice repository and a manual for trainers;
  • Training for 60 students (10 for partners), to train 30 interpreters and 30 cultural mediators;

Partners :

Other information

Start: December 2017

Duration : 24 Months


Funding : Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership for adult education

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