The Project

Stop! (1.11.2019-31.10.2022) is the first big Erasmus+ project in the field of adult education and training that deals in a comprehensive matter with prevention of sexual child abuse in Europe.

Focus is the production of material that can be used for prevention trainings and learning. Target groups are trainers/adult educators, volunteers and all people who deal with children and youth.

Main product is a learning platform that provides all relevant aspects/themes of the topic. This online portal is a unique and comprehensive tool. It is tailored to a broader target group (non-professionals/volunteers) but also includes special modules / for trainings.

The online portal will have a special visual aesthetic, developed by a graphic artist / illustrator.

The most important element is a gamification tool on the platfrom where people can learn basic knowledge about child abuse prevention in practice. In this way, they should be able to behave adequately, to identify and prevent abuse.


Partners :

Other information

Start: November 2019

Duration : 36 Months


Funding : Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership for adult education



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