The Project

Virtual Reality for Migrants Social & Cultural Orientation and Inclusion (VRIN)

The VRIN project envisions to promote the effective integration of TCNs in local communities by providing intervention tools for training, as a means of making the process of acquaintance with the local context more interactive, interesting and attractive. The target groups will undertake a participative learning path for the development of their skills, competences and acquire new ones, with the final aim of a mutual cooperation for integration in society and the labour market.

The project challenge is to promote a two-way-integration process by developing a common online platform and an interactive guidebook that will apply to both target groups; TCNs and actor of TCNs. Therefore, this sector must increasingly be approached with a view of identifying both TCNs’ and TCNs actors’ needs and enhancing the development of digital skills towards TCNs’ adaptation as well as reinforcing a more dynamic and contributive integration of TCNs in the local societies, by overcoming obstacles towards a smoother access to substantial services.

The objectives of the project are:

  • To establish a pioneer two-way integration model through innovative targeted training to both actors involved in TCN integration and TCNs
  • To help TCNs overcome obstacles towards a smoother access to substantial services like health care, labour market, vocational training, social security benefits, housing, financial procedures, lifelong learning.
  • To enhance TCNs ability to access useful information which will help them ameliorate their everyday life and communication.
  • To provide TCNs with the opportunity to develop targeted language skills addressing the every-day communication and tailored to their practical needs.
  • To boost service providers and integration assistants’ capacity to deal with TCNs needs and different cultural background, thus boosting their intercultural skills.
  • To prioritise the inclusion for diversity in all fields of education and training.



Other information

Start: February 2022

Duration: 24 Months


Funding: Erasmus+ KA2 Strategic Partnership for adult education







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